SHINIL PRINNOS, which was established as SHINIL Trading in 1988, is the company which has contributed to the development of diverse industries, such as domestic shipbuilding industry, aviation industry, car industry and defense industry, etc. on the basis of its accumulated technologies for about thirty years while supplying special machine tools.
SHINIL PRINNOS is making efforts to be equipped with competitiveness in the rapidly-changing global market by discovering and supplying not only domestic production goods but also new products and excellent products which are developed and produced.
In addition, as a Korean agent, the products supplied by directly importing from about 150 leading companies in European countries, North America and Japan, etc. will serve as great energy and power to your company’s cost reduction, and improvement in product competitiveness.

Once again, SHINIL PRINNOS truly promises to be an active, go-ahead company, which always provides the best after-sale service on the basis of its excellent technical skills while supplying the world’s best quality products and new products promptly and accurately.

CEO, An, Seung-sam